Do you know how much time an average person spends on the internet? According to the World Bank, most people spend as much as 5.2 hours a day surfing the World Wide Web. This includes browsing through social media sites. This also means that people are more used to doing this with the help of […]

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Converting website traffic into leads is mandatory for anyone who is in the web-based business. It is directly associated with his/her survival in the business. If your site’s conversion rate is decent, you can easily achieve the ultimate goals of your web-based business and even expand it further. If you fail to perform on this […]

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This post will be updated frequently with all new Winter 2017 deals( GMT+1). If you’re a WordPress developer submit your deal here. After publishing the longest and most complete list of Black Friday / Cyber Monday WordPress deals we are back again, now with the ultimate list of 2017 WordPress Christmas / 2018 New Year […]

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Raffles, contests, and giveaways are not new marketing strategies. They are traditional methods of business promotion that have been around for decades. However, they remain to be a big part of digital marketing, particularly in social media. There are few differences regarding each promotion’s mechanics. Regardless of the approach, a digital contest is a solid, […]

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By default, WordPress doesn’t have multilingual support. That means you have to think out of the box if you’re looking to translate your site into other languages. Good for you, there are a lot of options on the table to help you translate your website into any of the 6900 different languages available worldwide. That’s […]

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Securing your WordPress website is a top priority. Whether you’re running a new food blog or a high-traffic niche site, hackers are always ready to break into your site. Rather than get hacked and take steps to recover from a devastating attack, you’re better off just acting proactively to improve the security of your WordPress […]

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WordPress is no doubt the most popular content management platform, used by millions of both small businesses and heavy hitters such as Reuters, CNN, Samsung, eBay, and TechCrunch. The beauty of WordPress is its simplicity and abundance of options. That notwithstanding, too many new site owners are diving head first without taking time to understand […]

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Favicons are those cute 16 x 16 pixels images that make your site easily identifiable when multiple browser tabs are open. More and more WordPress sites are using favicons are as a tool to establish visual identity at first glance. It’s definitely one great way to enforce brand consistency and make sure that your pages […]

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