Your purchase might not be eligible for cashback for one of the following reasons:

  1. Your browser is not configured to accept cookies.
  2. The purchase is not completed in the same web browsing session (not to exceed 24 hours) initiated by clicking the eligible link. This would include opening a new browser window or tab within the same browser.
  3. Your order was canceled or the products/services were returned.
  4. The store didn’t report the purchase to

However, following all the steps outlined above should prevent error in nearly all cases. If you want to make sure that nothing goes wrong, clear your browser cookies right before clicking on our link to make your purchase. This step will make sure that the commission doesn’t go to another affiliate so that we will be able to give you your discount. Clearing browser cookies simply removes other affiliates’ cookies from your computer. If you don’t know how to do this check out this page.

Cash-back on your total net order amount. Advertised cash-back amounts are based on the regular prices, in case you purchase an item at a lower price your cashback will be adjusted accordingly.

Upgrades on any item at are not eligible for cashback, unless explicitly mentioned