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Thank you for visiting WPdiscounts, we really hope that you enjoy our website. Do you have any questions regarding or just want to give us feedback? Or perhaps you are a WordPress developer who want to feature your product at WPdiscounts? A lot of the emails we receive are similar, so hopefully the answers below will help to save you some time.

I have a question about a specific WordPress plugin or theme
For support or pre-buy questions about any plugin or theme featured at WPdiscounts please consult the developers themselves, as they know better their own product than we do!
Can I guest post on your blog?
Sorry, for now we don’t accept any guest post submissions, thank you.
Can I advertise on your blog?
No sorry, currently we don’t accept paid advertising like banner ads.
Can I add coupons/discounts for my WordPress related product/service?
Yes of course, contact us using the form below.
Where is my cashback/gift card?
Cashbacks (and gift cards!) are paid/sent every 16th of each month like clockwork, since 2010! Most cashbacks are paid out the next month after your purchase, but this may vary depending on the products’ money back guarantee. Consult the relevant product page on WPdiscounts where you can read more about the cashback payout terms. You can also check the link at the bottom of your cashback confirmation email where you can check previous payouts. We are a legit company and are proud to have a 100% cashback payout record for all valid purchases through
Can I offer my services like SEO, web development etc. to make your website better?
Our website is doing just fine so NO, thank you very much :p

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