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WP Robot review

No matter what your opinion on autoblogging is, surely you have heard about one of the lead WordPress autoblog plugin, WP Robot. Autoblogging is all about creating a blog that the visitors and search engines both will like. You will need a blog that’s interesting to your visitors and constant content showing up on it, if you want it to be successful.

The concept of autoblogging is basically getting content that has been syndicated on the internet flowing automatically to your blog. WP Robot is claimed to be a great WP autoblogging plugin simply because it gets the job done. The plugin retrieves great quality content and has amazing support. This plugin has been around for years and it doesn’t look like it’s going to leave. On the contrary, it constantly keeps getting better and there are no signs of it slowing down what so ever. A WP Robot review is not needed for those who have been around autoblogging for a while, but let’s have a quick look through all the great features before we offer you this great WP Robot discount code we have waiting for you here.

WP Robot is surely very powerful but it is also very easy to use. It will allow you to actually turn your blog into a complete auto-pilot filling it with fresh, interesting content regularly in the exact intervals you specify. This plugin is really a great solution for autobloggers, the range of its features is extremely wide and the possibilities are endless. Posting content from many different sources is what makes WP Robot so great. Amazon, ClickBank, YouTube, eBay, Yahoo q/a, Flickr, and many more – they will all be the sources your blog takes content from.

WP Robot has many modules and each one of them has its own set of features and custom settings.

The guys at WP Robot understand the most important thing about autoblogging – automatic content can only be successful if it doesn’t look like automatic content! You can actually see this phrase on the WP Robot website. In addition, the key feature this great autoblogging plugin for WordPress is randomization. Making the content look natural is one of the most important things this plugin focuses on, and it uses numerous different methods for randomization of the content.

WP Robot features and modules

Naming each and every feature this awesome plugin has would take ages and a 10k review, and it still wouldn’t do it justice, so I am just going to try and name the most important features/modules:

You can create targeted auto posts related to just about any keyword or topic you can imagine. You can also create posts for numerous keywords at the same time; the number of keywords is unlimited. Using dozens of different templates for your posts and it will randomize the templates by using a different template for each post, randomly choosing the templates.

The replace and exclude keyword features this plugin uses are very powerful and they will make your life with autoblogging a lot easier by letting you exclude certain keywords completely from your blog, or you can replace phrases of the content with other keywords you set and target.

You will have no copyright issues with the content WP Robot puts on your website, because all content this plugin provides comes from registered official API programs, and it’s completely allowed to be republished by the creators.

WP Robot pricing

The WP Robot coupon code we offer to you guys will help you make yourself a great deal, but let’s check out their regular prices and packages. There are 3 versions available:

  • Basic Version – This license comes with 10 content sources, can be used on unlimited sites and includes one year of support and updates. The Basic Version costs $89.
  • Full version – This one comes with absolutely ALL the WP Robot goodies included, so you can post content from 22 different sources. It costs $129, can be used on unlimited sites and includes one year of support and updates.
  • Developer version – This version allows you to provide a copy of WP Robot along with your weblogs, and as a WP Robot developer you will be able to sublicense this plugin to your clients, which will allow them to get support and updates by themselves without bothering you for it. This version includes all the features from the Full Version too. It costs $329.

Getting such a great plugin with this great WP discount we have for you guys may just be the deal you’ve been waiting for, so go for it!