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Gabfire review

If you are building a website for your company, especially for online newspapers and magazine-style websites, and you want to present it the best way possible, you surely don’t want it to look like just any generic website out there. Pointing out the important stuff on your website, making it interesting and attractive for your visitors is crucial for the success of any online magazine.

No one wants a standard theme that looks just like million other website’s themes, we all want ours to be unique and great looking so any visitor can tell our baby apart from all the others. While wanting an attractive looking website, we also want it to be functional, user-friendly and completely complications free. We want it to be easy for us to run it and control everything on it, and we also want our visitors to have fun while visiting, without wondering where they should click to get to what they want, and without snooping around the site for hours and getting all confused.

Is that a lot to ask from a theme? I think not, but still, many developers don’t really develop themes that satisfy all our needs. Unlike many others, Gabfire themes actually work hard on creating excellent premium WordPress themes with outstanding templates. They are easy to use, take only few minutes to install, and the best of all – their themes look great and function even better! If you want a unique theme designed by professionals, keep reading this Gabfire themes review, you are about to find out just why this developer is so great and what makes their themes so amazing.

The Gabfire themes are highly customizable, so you can really tweak them, change just about anything you want about them, and make them fit your newspaper perfectly. Each theme has its own additional styles and with the live demo this developer offers for every theme, you can easily check out how any of them looks with different colors, fonts, etc.

The themes feature many handy features to help you create an amazing looking website with many great options and functions. The themes are designed so they don’t even need any extra plugins or tools built in, but if you still feel the need to add something extra – you can. They are fully compatible with almost every plugin created for WordPress out there. While many developers offer a bunch of plugins along with their themes, these plugins are most often available for free. Gabfire themes, on the other hand, focus on tailoring the themes for outstanding quality online publications of any kind.

Each theme has its own guide to follow while installing, and even though you most likely won’t need it, because it simply takes few clicks to install any of these themes, it’s nice to have detailed step-by-step instructions. Actually, if you want to, you can pay and have the theme installed and fully setup for you.

Gabfire themes

Let’s take a quick look at some of their remarkable themes.

  • NewsPro Magazine is an amazingly looking multipurpose theme that suits perfectly for any king of a magazine or newspaper style website. The theme comes with inbuilt photo and video modules and it features a column homepage layout with handy Ajax tabs you can use for highlighting stuff you want, like featured articles or various widgets.
  • Opinions is a theme with a clean, tidy magazine layout allowing you to display a huge amount of content, and by using the BuddyPress functionality, you can now create a perfectly functional and great looking social platform.
  • Restorante is a bit different from the other Gabfire themes, but not because it’s not as good as the other ones, on the contrary – it is outstanding. It is only different because it wasn’t created for an online magazine, but for restaurants or any kind of food sites. You can present your cuisine, restaurant or catering in the best way possible with all the possibilities this theme offers. Show your future customers whatever you feel the need to show, and do it with style by using Restorante by Gabfire.

Gabfire pricing

Gabfire themes offer two packs when it comes to purchasing: Standard Pack ($59) and Developers’ Pack ($89). The packages do look similar, and they both guarantee regular theme updates, along with customer support and the possibility of customizing the theme any way you want to, and let’s not forget you can use it on as many websites as you want. The main advantage of the developers pack is that you get 1 bonus theme of your choice, and to be honest, considering the quality and functionality of these themes, this is an awesome possibility!