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With CMS Commander you are able to take full command of your own website network! Have all your sites at your fingertips, keep your plugins updated in just a matter of minutes, you are able to schedule automatic backups, write better articles, clone complete websites or insert related affiliate advertisements - CMS Commander makes all this and more possible. Our exclusive CMS Commander coupon code grants a 20% lifetime discount for all CMS Commander plans.
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CMS Commander review

Managing a single WordPress site can’t really be a huge problem, but if you are running multiple sites, you might already be all stressed out. Having several websites to maintain is not an easy task. Apart from not being easy, it is very time-consuming also. Day by day maintenance of all of these blogs, posts, and then upgrading the plugins and themes, backing up and upgrading WordPress, moderating the comments, posting them, editing them, deleting them, etc… Sounds familiar? Just thinking about getting all these tasks done on multiple sites is discouraging.

Having a WordPress management plugin that makes this job a lot easier sounds like a real lifesaver. Well, let me introduce you to CMS Commander, a very powerful tool that comes to rescue in situations like this.

With CMS Commander you will be able to operate, manage, edit, change and do whatever you need to do on all of your websites, from just one dashboard! That’s right, you can connect them all to one dashboard and manage them all by just several clicks! You can even connect websites that aren’t made from WordPress and manage these along too.

No lies, all you need to do is install CMSCommander on all of your websites, and you will be able to run them all remotely from just one single platform. No need to enter your passwords into the portal, which makes this tool extremely secure.

If you are autoblogging, you will have the ability to schedule WP Robot campaigns to run with this plugin, and you can publish content from as many as 30 different open sources.

CMS Commander features

We have a more in depth CMS Commander review if you want to check out all the great features of this amazing plugin, so feel free to check it out! Meanwhile, let’s just have a quick run through all of these goodies CMSCommander offers to its users.

  • Managing your websites has never been easier. You can check your comments and contend, edit, delete or post them on one or multiple websites at the same time.
  • You can clone your website within few minutes, and not just clone it, but include all the data, setting and plugins. Cloning your website was made so easy by this plugin, you won’t be able to believe it.
  • The Bulk Actions feature allows you to update all plugins and themes across all your websites within just several minutes, and by just several mouse clicks.
  • In case you are a WP Robot user, you will fall in love with this integration because adding content will now be a piece of cake for you, no matter if you are no programmer or an advanced CMS user. There are advanced options for those who actually are very familiar with CMS, and they will be able to change and manage even the tiniest details on all of their websites from one single platform!
  • Google Analytics statistics are being added too
  • You can manage your users easily, and create bulk users, including email addresses
  • You can also do whatever you want with the categories

conclusion on CMS Commander

There are many more great features this plugin offers, so make sure you check out our in-depth CMS Commander review. It is no coincidence we chose to offer our readers some great CMS Commander discount codes, we only choose the best for you guys, and this plugin might be exactly what you need if you want to save a lot of time and effort. Manage WordPress within few minutes, and let this amazing tool sync your websites and help you run them all without having to log in to each one of them and make the changes one by one!