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Affiliate Link Manager review

The reason many people originally started to blog or build a website in the first place was to make a little extra cash. Whatever your original plan was for making money it has become clear that one tool that can push you over the top is going to be the Affiliate Link Manager WordPress cloaking plugin. There are a number of different ways that this plugin can integrate into any WordPress site and help to monetize in the subtlest of ways.

This WordPress cloaking plugin will allow you to designate specific words on your website posts and pages into links to your affiliate products. That makes every piece of your content a potential portal to making money. This is only the beginning of what this powerful plugin can do. When search engines scan your site, there is a significant SEO hit that your site will take if they find a bunch of affiliate links unrelated to your keywords. This WordPress cloaking plugin cloaks your affiliate links by making them shorter and more appealing to Google and Yahoo when they search your site.

Can you see the revolutionary value here? You can easily monetize your website in just a few simple steps. Only those keywords that you choose will have affiliate links attached to them so you will have total control over the linking process. You can also limit how many links will appear on any page, so that they will have significance. If you decide to end your affiliation with a particular company you can remove the links just as quickly as you put them in. You have all of the control when it comes to this plugin.

Remember this plugin cloaks all of your affiliate links so that they appear to be a natural part of your site and not an attempt to sell something. You can also track specific affiliate campaigns and see which links are getting hits and which products are selling. This is the easiest way to make money that has ever been invented. You would think a valuable asset like this plugin would cost a bundle but you can save a lot of money on it when you use the exclusive Affiliate Link Manager discount from WPdiscounts!