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Plugmatter review

Plugmatter is a store that sells different plugins for WordPress sites, each of which can be of great use to creators and can help you to grow your audience and turn your blog into a thriving business.

In this short review, we’ll take a look at each of the featured plugins and what they can do for creators. Then we’ll discuss the site’s terms and conditions and decide whether it’s worth your time or not.

plugin: Optin Feature Box

The first plugin from Plugmatter is Optin Feature Box. As you might expect form the title, this is an Optin Form, which is what you will use to collect emails for your autoresponder that you can subsequently use for email marketing. By adding the opt-in form into a feature box, the plugin claims to be able to increase subscriptions by over 200%.

There are other products like this available on the market but this one is particularly well designed and slick.

plugin: Document Importer

Once again, this is a plugin with a self-explanatory name! Document Importer makes it easy for you to easily import all manner of documents, whether those are from Google Drive, Microsoft Word or DropBox. When you do, you’ll keep all formatting and this will save you a lot of time.

There are a lot of features here that can save you time and effort but do keep in mind that when you paste directly from Word, you will normally keep all your headers and basic formatting. This tool is for more advanced formatting.

plugin: Pricing Table

Pricing Table helps you to build pricing tables that look good and reportedly improve conversions! The somewhat amusing thing about this pricing table, is that it is the very same table that Plugmatter uses on its own pages. And it does look good!

plugin: Promo Box

Promo Box is a great way to add a contextual promotional box to you blog posts. There are 76 different premium template designs, each of which is fully responsive and which will allow you to sell affiliate plugins.

This is something you don’t see as often and is a very nice feature that you could very reasonably expect to significantly increase your conversions.

Plugmatter pricing

All of Plugmatter’s plugins are paid with a one-off fee getting you lifetime access to the tools. There are basic, professional and developer options for each user and the prices are reasonable. Don’t forget to use our Plugmatter coupon code if you do check it out to save some more cash!