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OIO Publisher review

When it comes to selling advertisements to advertisers, there are several ways of making this work, but one of the best options would be an ad management plugin for WordPress, which does most of the work for you.

We have come to the conclusion that OIO Publisher must be one of the best WordPress ad manager plugins out there. Wonder why? If you want to read all the in-depth info about it, check out our OIO Publisher review. Let me just mention the most important options in here and tell you just what makes OIO Publisher so great.

For starters, you will be happy to know that this is a very simple plugin that works perfectly well on just about any WordPress-powered site, no matter if it’s modified or not. OIO Publisher is specially designed to help you sell your advertisements directly to the advertisers, which let’s face it, saves you a LOT of time and maximizes your ad revenue.

As for setup, once you install it, OIO Publisher is almost fully automated. It seriously handles everything for you, all you need to actually do is review your ads before you publish them, just to make sure they aren’t spam and that they are legitimate. Does that sound too good to be true or what? I know, but let me assure you, it’s nothing but the truth.

How does it work?

This plugin is here to take over all the tasks an advertising department would have to do. Once you install it, you will be able to customize all the settings to your linking, and that’s about it! You can pick the areas of your website you want to put the ads to, and decide which types of ads you want to add there (you can select between banner, text, inline and sponsored posts). No matter which zones you want to host your ads in, OIO Publisher will put up a generic ad that fits your choice. This advertisement will be a generic one, saying something similar to “Advertise here”, and anyone who chooses to advertise on your website can freely click on that. This will lead them to an automatically generated sales page. This sales page will offer your potential advertiser all the different types of ads. They can easily choose from a simple drop-down menu of all available ads, allowing them to see the availability of any particular ad, as well as the requirements for it, and the price. You can easily set the requirements manually on the backend control panel.

OIO Publisher offers a really large range of payment options making it a lot easier for your customers to purchase advertisements. For most people, PayPal is the preferred method, but you have many more options offered: 2checkout, AlertPay, PayPal, Google Checkout, EntreCard, Authorize.net, as well as offline payment.

OIO Publisher pricing

If you want this great plugin to handle your advertisements, it will cost you $47. This is a one-time payment. Maybe the best of all, OIO Publisher will not charge a middleman fee as most other ad management plugins do. If you use our OIO Publisher coupon code, you will pay even less!