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InkyDeals review

Professional developers know how important it is to find quality design products at an affordable price. In our world, quality comes with a price as we all know, but luckily there are companies who spend their working hours helping other people in the business find what they need. These are no magical little helpers, but real people who work hard on making all of our lives as easy and as cheap as possible. InkyDeals happens to be one of those companies.

The InkyDeals team is actually a dozen of young, enthusiastic designers who work hard on creating various design solutions, but they don’t stop at that. These guys also pack and advertise unique deals on daily basis on their website, turning it into a place where all creative professionals can easily get quality design products.

New deals are released on daily basis, and a single deal consists out of several products which, combined together, make a perfect package for developers who work with a specific niche. For example, a deal can be a combination of a logo design, fonts and banners, or it could be a collection of Christmas elements for website decorations, or a bundle created out of image galleries and image viewers… You get the picture. A new bundle comes up each day, and if we keep in mind that the people of InkyDeals are mostly designers themselves, it’s clear they know what they’re doing, but most importantly, they know what their fellow designers need so they pack up the deals accordingly.

If you choose to pay attention to this website and follow their work, not only will you have new deals presented to you each day, you will also have an opportunity to read their blog, where they announce special deals, giveaways, coupons, and many other goodies they prepare for their customers.

When it comes to the products they feature in their deals, I know that the first thing that comes in mind would be something like: “If it’s cheap, it has to be something wrong with it”. The truth is, all these products come so cheap because each of them is negotiated about to the point of exclusiveness when it comes to price. Another important thing plays a big role in the whole project: each deal is valid of a certain period of time. Once the deal expires, it is gone. This way, for a short period of time you can get high quality products at a really low price. This is why it’s important to check out their deals regularly. They do offer some incredibly creative, useful bundles, but they won’t be valid forever.

To make everything easy and safe for their customers, InkyDeals offer a 60 days money back guarantee so if you happen not to like a deal you’ve purchased, you can take it back and get your money back right away. Each deal has its own licensing terms which you can check out when you purchase the deal. While we’re at it, when you buy a certain deal the products are yours to use forever but you won’t be allowed to resell or redistribute them to a third party. It’s a fair play, wouldn’t you say so?