up to $20 discount on OptimizePress

Looking for the best OptimizePress v3 discount? You’ve found the right place! FIRST: You will not find any OptimizePress coupon code or OptimizePress discount code, as these do not exist, you simply cannot checkout using a promo code. SECOND: Forget all those websites who are claiming $75, $85 or even $95 rebates, as since August 2014 it is absolutely NOT possible anymore to offer cashbacks or rebates due to changed OptimizePress affiliate terms – so anyone who claims to offer a money cashback/rebate will certainly NOT pay you as they are violating the OP affiliate terms, you’re warned!

OptimizePress discountTake advantage of our brand new and approved exclusive OptimizePress package deal! With your purchase of the Essential ($79), Business ($149) or Suite license ($199) you will receive an Amazon gift card. When you buy the Essential license you will receive an Amazon gift card of $10, the Business license grants you an Amazon gift card of $15 and the Pro license an Amazon gift card of $20 (note: in case you purchase OptimizePress at a lower price compared to above mentioned regular prices the amount of your gift card will be adjusted accordingly).

Should you still have any doubt about our services read our REAL testimonials below, we are running a 100% honest business here. Our company is built on repeat business without which we would not succeed. Since the founding in 2010, we have maintained a 100% payout record for valid purchases, giving rebates and incentives like clockwork every month. You are also able to follow the status of your gift card claim once you’ve submitted your application.

How can I take advantage of this deal?

  1. Click the large GREEN BUTTON below to go the official website to buy your OptimizePress license. Make sure not to visit any other websites while following these steps.
  2. When you’re at the official OptimizePress website: Click on the orange Get Started Now > button on top.
  3. Select a plan by clicking one of the buttons.
  4. Enter your details, make your payment and return back to this page.
  5. Fill out the form here with your order information. Double check your email address please!
  6. After submitting the form, you should receive an e-mail from us (WPdiscounts) within a few minutes confirming receipt of your gift card claim. Please check your spam folder if it doesn’t appear in your inbox. If not, please contact us using our contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

If something is not clear please check out our frequently asked questions below:

When can I expect my gift card?
As soon as we receive our affiliate commission from the developers of OptimizePress and if you have not refunded the purchase of your OptimizePress license you will receive your gift card (normally the 2nd month after you made the purchase, as OptimizePress holds affiliate payments for a full 30 days to allow for processing, chargebacks, etc.). So if you bought your license at the 29th of June you can expect your gift card around the 16th of August the latest. You can track the status of your application online through a special link provided to you in a confirmation email you receive from us.
I’m located outside the US, can I still use these gift cards?
Amazon.com ships to over 75 countries worldwide, you can find the countries here.
I’m located outside the US, can I get a local gift card for stores like Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.de?
Sorry, it’s not possible to handle this with so many different stores and currencies, currently it’s only possible to get a USD gift card for the Amazon US store.
Will I get full support from the OptimizePress developers?
You will buy an official and legal OptimizePress license at the original developers’ website, so you will receive 100% full support.
Who pays and sends the gift cards?
Your OptimizePress incentive will be paid and send by WPdiscounts.com and NOT by the developers of OptimizePress. If you have a question about your claim use our contact form. Do NOT contact the OptimizePress developers as the gift cards will be send by WPdiscounts.com after the affiliate commission is assigned to us.
Do you have a disclaimer?
Yes we do, click here to read our disclaimer.
What if I have another question related to this offer?
Feel free to ask us using our contact form. If you are still shopping around for the best deal (we doubt, as we deliver unlike some other services who don’t!), you may want to bookmark this page to return to it later.



Just received cash back for purchasing OptimizePress. Thanks,


Got my $25 gift card today. Had forgot all about it and was pleasantly surprised. Only problem was that it landed in my Spam folder, so if I hadn’t happened to check that shortly after it arrived it could have been lost forever. Probably not much to do about that though. (Gotta love Gmail’s logic, what I can say…) I was totally thrilled with this opportunity. I was about to purchase OptimizePress a few months back and thought to google for any kind of rebate award available, and came across this. Thanks again!


You’re welcome 🙂

Rod D1 Fitness

It took a while. But I got my gift card. Came in on time. I really thought it wasn’t going to happen but awesome deal. Optimize Press is nice deal too.


is there any discounts ?


Yes, you still get a gift card (Amazon, Google Play, iTunes) when you order a OptimizePress license, *only* when you purchase using our website.


Just got my gift card, Thank you! You guys kept your word and that means a lot to me!


Thank you for your kind words!

michael smith

Is there a discount for upgrading from op 1.65 to the new theme? Got my fingers crossed!!! On a shoe string budget with two special needs family members!!! Not looking for pity party just crossing fingers!!!


Hi Michael, I honestly don’t know, you should check out with OptimizePress support if they have any kind of upgrade policy available 🙂


It was totally unexpected. I got my $15 certificate in the email today. awesome experience with WP Discounts! Thank you!


Received gift card as promised!


Thanks so much! Just received my $15 Amazon gift card!! Took about 6 weeks or so, but worked. Very happy, and very glad I decided to purchase Optimize Press in the first place. Such a powerful and amazing addition to my sites.

Thanks WPDiscounts


Hi Petar, it was sent on the 15th of August at 16:38 GMT. I’ve just resent it, please check again your mail and/or spambox. Thank you!

Petar Valchev

Hi, i bought Optimizepress with your link one month ago, now what have i do for receive my Amazon gift?
Thank you


Hi Peter,

You have to follow the steps above, but I noticed you already did as we received your application, your gift card will be mailed next week, thank you for using WPdiscounts!


Petar Valchev

Hi, i have not yet received any gift card


Received the $15 gift card very promptly via email, as promised. Couldn’t be more pleased! Thanks so much.


Hi! I am ready to buy. I had your website bookmarked for this exact occasion. Since today is September 5th, can I buy through your aff link anyway and just trust you for whatever cool incentive you decide on later?


thanks Sam, the offer is live now!


Hi Phil, if you already bought optimizePress using our link the past week just fill out the form 🙂


Did I miss this? How can I still take advantage of the affiliate rebate/cashback offer?


Any word on the new incentive?


it will go live within a few days, stay tuned, it will be something unique AND useful for everyone!


Awesome news. I’m waiting on my OP2 purchase just for this news.


Just got the money back as promised. I had forgotten all about it, thanks for pulling through!


Wow I’m actually shocked and amazed! I just got a message from PayPal reflecting the $50 cash back which I was promised. I was really skeptical when I first bought this but I’m glad a took that leap of faith. Shows there are some decent business people out there. I really urge you to try it out for yourself, you have nothing to lose and will be so happy with the result. The money takes long to come back, so long I even forgot about it, but it came back 🙂 thanks WPDISCOUNTS


thank you Shami for using WPdiscounts !


If I buy the core package and use your discount and then in a few months decide to upgrade to the publisher package will I be able to get a discount on the upgrade?



just emailed you!

Gerry Humphrey

Bought my OP package and got my rebate just as this site said I would. Thanks! =)


thank you for using WPdiscounts 🙂


Opsssss! Now that I want to buy the core package, I couldn’t find it there anymore. What does that mean?


Hi Shami, just emailed you about this 🙂


it was probably a temporary thing, today (May 11) it is possible again to purchase the Core Package!


I am interested in making payment through wpdiscounts but the problem is that, my country is not allow to make use of paypal, how then will I get get the cashback when I purchase optimize press through your affiliate link.
Please I need an urgent response about this.


Hi Anthony, thank you for the interest, I’ve just replied to you by email with some solutions!


Hi there, I have the same dilemma as Anthony. Please advise how I should go about the purchase, I would like to purchase this asap using my credit card.



I just checked and it turns out I got my $25 cashback 4 days ago (April 16, 2014) through paypal. I purchased the core package of Optimizepress V2 last February 25, 2014. Awesome!

Thanks a lot guys!


Thanks for the Paypal deposit! It works!


My country is not accepted by paypal… Is it possible to use my cash back to buy a product for me on jvzoo


I’ve just sent you an email!


Just got $25 as promised. I totally forgot about it too. Thank you!


Just got the money! Had totally forgotten about it, nice work!


Just got my cash!

Glad these guys didn’t rip me off.
I have purchased from WPdiscounts
many time and will continue purchasing.


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I just got my rebate back. I can vouch that this this is a legimate company and I would personally do business with them again.


Just got my cashback! I totally forgot about it and imagine my surprise when I received $30!


Just received my $30 back from the OptimizePress Cashback! Took about 45 days, but hey, they did what they said and I saved a chunk of money.


Just received cash back, it really works! You may have to wait a few months but the syetm does what it says it will, +1

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